Sunday, June 3rd
1- 6 pm
Parade starts @ 12:45pm 

SUMMERFEST 2018 Sunday, June 3, 2018

The following are the rules and regulations regarding Summerfest participation.  Please read them and sign the bottom of this sheet and return with your application.

1. Please go to the registration desk in front of Robbins Pharmacy before going to your assigned space.

2. You must check in at the registration desk before 11:30 AM.  Registration begins at 9am.

3. You must be completely set up by 12 noon.  Vendors must remove their cars from the area no later than 12 noon. You will be directed to convenient parking at the registration desk.

4. You are responsible for the cleanup of your space.  Please take your garbage with you.

5. Spaces are approximately 10 feet in length and as deep as the sidewalk at that point.  All spaces are assigned on a random basis and therefore no changes will be made.  Some spaces may have telephone poles, trees or lamps posts within their assigned area (this cannot be avoided).  No vending from vehicles allowed.

6. Moving vendors are not allowed in the fair area.  All vendors must remain behind their table or vending area while conducting business.  Due to congestion in the fair area, we request that vendors do not circulate petitions or information from any area other than their vending space.

7. Vendors are not allowed to have/ use their own public address system / radio in the fair area.  

8. The fair closes at 6:00 PM.  All vendors must remove merchandise and displays before 7:00 PM.  Vendors are not allowed to leave or begin breaking down their vending area before 6:00 PM.

9. ALL FOOD VENDORS must have the appropriate Board of Health permits.  This is not the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce.

10 ALL LIQUOR VENDORS must have the appropriate Liquor License and Temporary permits.  This is not the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce.

11. The Chamber reserves the rights to have vendors remove from Fair area any merchandise deemed inappropriate, illegal, or harmful.  No stink/smoke bombs, silly string, poppers, razors, fireworks of any kind, etc.  This rule is subject to enforcement by local Police.

12. Electricity/generators: Electricity not available. Please advise if you will bring your own generator.

13. Cancellation Notice: Call 914-271-2197 for recorded message regarding status of Fair due to inclement weather that day.